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     On Monday afternoon, I found myself sitting in the Oakland airport. I was in a very bad mood after hearing bad news from home and a negative encounter with a nasty lady and I was very crabby after having to wait for the delayed plane. Finally, I boarded the plane and found myself sitting next to an adorable little girl traveling alone.  She immediately introduced herself, “I’m Emma Cutie Patooty. I’m 9 and I’m going to my grandma’s in Las Vegas for two weeks until my mom gets back. I have all of my homework in my suitcase so I don’t fall behind because I have A’s right now and I DO NOT want to get back home and have F’s!”  I told her it was nice to meet her then pulled out my knitting project while she settled in with a book.

            As I knit, I could see her out of the corner of my eye.  She kept peeking over at me and then back to her book. After a few minutes, she started leaning in my direction to get a better look at the scarf I was working on. Finally, when her head was practically in my lap, I asked, “Do you knit Emma?”

            “Yep. My grandma taught me last summer, but I ran out of yarn and mommy keeps forgetting to take me to get more.” She heaved a big sigh the way only a nine year old who has to put up with something as exasperating as forgetful parents can do.  I put my knitting down and fished an extra set of needles and a new skein of yarn out of my bag. “Would you like to knit with me?” I asked handing the treasures over.

            Her green eyes got huge and round as she almost threw the book down and grabbed the yarn.  She held it for a moment while I resumed my own knitting. “The thing about knitting…”she started, “is that casting on is soooooooo hard. I can’t remember how to do it.” I took the yarn and we decided that she would knit a scarf “for next winter, because it’s very cold in the winter and you don’t want your neck to freeze.” I cast on 26 stitches and then handed the needles over to Emma.

            We spent the next hour with bamboo needles clicking like false teeth and I listened to her chatter on and on about school and her friends.  When we landed, she finished the row she was working on, looked down at her five inches of beautiful garter stitch and started to hand the project to me. I stopped her and said, “Why don’t you keep it. I have lots of needles at home. You can finish your scarf before your mom gets back..”

            The grin that spread across her face was priceless. I waited while the other passengers deplaned, then walked off the plane with Emma and the flight attendant to meet her grandmother.  Emma excitedly rambled our whole story out in one long run on sentence while holding up her handiwork for her grandmother to see.  The grandmother chuckled and thanked me. Emma hugged me goodbye and then off we went in our separate directions, her skipping beside her grandmother, and me strolling along with a happy smile on my face.


            I posted a note about our encounter on Plurk and several people told me how sweet I was to give her the knitting supplies, but honestly, Emma’s kindness, gratitude and pure childish joy at being given such a small token was worth far more than the cost of the yarn and the needles.  She made me smile and relax, simply enjoying spinning yarn into fabric, instead of stewing in the negative thoughts I had when I boarded the plane and for that I am grateful. So Emma Cutie Patooty, wherever you are in Las Vegas, I hope you finish all your homework so you don’t lose your straight A status and I hope next winter you enjoy the pretty green scarf you made so your neck won’t freeze.



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Today was the awards ceremony at LW’s school to give kids their certificates for the second quarter’s academic achievements.  LW goes to a private Christian academy, so in addition to the regular awards, the kids also get awards for 100% memorization of their bible verses or passages and we sing a few “Praise Jesus, Hallelujah” songs too.  I stumble through the words and hope lightning doesn’t strike me where I stand for singing those songs.  There’s nothing worse than a hypocrite in a church!

*sidenote: I do believe in God, in fact I have a dandy relationship with the big G, I just don’t ever seem to make it to his house on Sundays. Oops*

Anywho, I digress…..this is about my fucking fabulous child and his awards, not my heathen ways. So I dropped the little tyke off in his classroom this morning – super excited because *I* was the one who brought him to school today instead of Mamacita. Then I marched over to the church and plopped down in a pew that would have a semi clear view of the stage when my shining star was up there.

In an hour and fifteen minute long ceremony, LW was on stage for ooooohhh, maybe 5 minutes. I took about 30 pictures and most of them had the head of the kid in front of me at the bottom of the frame. He wouldn’t sit still! Plus LW could see me with the camera and was not having any of my stalkerazzi biznass, so here’s what’s left…

“No! No more pictures! I want to be left alone!” img_9909

“I’m bored. Hey I can wave this piece of paper around or….I can go hands free!” img_9912_21

Finally, my shining star!


When all was said and done, LW ended up with two awards – Perfect Attendence and Perfect Citizenship. We missed a phonics award because of one goobered assignment and he is thisclose to A/B Honor Roll – no easy task when you are learning cursive handwriting in kindergarten! Maybe next quarter…..

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I read parenting books. Lots and lots of them and nowhere in those books do they prepare you for dealing with the insanity that can spew forth from the mouth of a five year old boy.  Tell me, does this look like the face of a boy who has an iron grip on sarcasm and wit?


No? Well how about this one?


Yep. LW’s suddenly hopped on a little pedestal and he’s attempting to run the show around the Digital household. Here’s a sample of his verbal barfage….

The other day he was out on the trampoline and decided he didn’t need to come inside to use the bathroom, instead he just peed off the edge….um, whatthefuckisthiskidthinking? Oh hell to the no. So, Nana caught him and read him the riot act. This is the conversation that followed.

Nana:  ….and that is final.

LW:    Nana, I am done with this conversation! (Hands on hips)

Nana: Excuse me?

LW: You know Nana, you can be replaced.


LW: As in tomorrow! What do you think about that? 

*Please note that he said all of this with his nose in the air and foot tapping*

Nana: (Stifling snorts and giggles) I think you can play in your room by yourself and THAT is final.


The kid also has a wicked sense of humor. He loves to tell jokes and lately he has been making up his own.  Unfortunately, he is five and many of them end with a punch line involving poop or vomit, sometimes (if you’re lucky) a combination. The other night he was giving me a sample of his stand up routine and when I failed to laugh, he said, “Don’t you get it Mom? Poop on your head?”



When I failed to respond with anything but an annoyed stare, I got the snare drum “bah-dum-dum!” 

Seriously, I may need to get the kid an agent!

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Say Cheese!

 Not A Mean Girl and Topsurf did a double tag on me with this one! I like it…..

Here are the rules:

1.Go to your documents
2. Go to your 6th file.
3.Go to your 6th picture.
4. Blog about it.
5. Tag 6 friends to do the same.

Here’s my pic….


I love this picture and was very excited when it was the *right* one.  LW is about 2 1/2 years old here.  We had made our first trip to Disneyland a couple of months before and I threw together a quick scrapbook to demonstrate a new product line.* He took it right off the shelf and flipped through the pages over and over again pointing out his favorite characters and rides.  

He was also going through his dinosaur phase – as if you couldn’t tell by all the dinos roaming around the room – and would pick up a random tyrannosaurus rex or diplodocus and pretend they were jumping into the book ala Blue from Blue’s Clues.  

LW is now 5 1/2. I can’t get a hug and a kiss when I drop him off for school, he rarely wants to sit and snuggle with me anymore, and lately everything has become eyerollingly “boring.” When I see pictures like this, I remember the hours we would sit on the couch looking at his album and then flipping back the pages to look at it  “again, Mommy, again.”

#5…Tag Six friends

  1. Miss Attitude
  2. CajunVegan
  3. FandPinLV
  4. TinyTyrant
  5. Andrea
  6. Claudia

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The Digital family loves to hike. We don’t do nearly enough of it, but we do love to go out exploring nature. The other day DigitalRob was googling around the iPhone universe and stumbled on a really cool geocaching application. He bought it right away and started playing around discovering caches in our hood.  

We thought that might be a fun little adventure to try out, so we loaded some coordinates in the GPS and got ready for adventure. Scooby was on his leash with his nose pressed against the front door ready to go. LW didn’t want to go for a hike – until I told him we were going on a treasure hunt! We grabbed a Luke Skywalker bobblehead to put into the cache and hit the road! 

Out into the desert we went, LW reading the GPS like a champ – ok, maybe he had a little help from DigitalRob – and after about 25 minutes of walking through the brush filled desert, this is what we found…. img_9789Woo hoo! Treasure! LW was giddy with excitement when we pulled the rocks off the top.  Before I would let them open it, I had to preserve the moment for prosperity….. img_9788Yep, there they are, the brave adventurers and their trusty guide dog.

LW had to exchange his treasure for something new and …er, shiny…. img_9797Yessirree Bob. He traded that Luke Skywalker booble head in his left hand for a genuine glow in the dark rubber rat. *SIGH* It was either that or a rubber centipede. He wasn’t interested in anything else in the box.  Oh well, I guess boys will be boys.

This was a short hike, but we had tons of fun! I am already looking forward to geocaching our way through Park City this summer!

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Last night was LW’s school Christmas pageant. No politically correct holiday pageantry here folks, it’s a private Christian school and you’re getting your Nativity players whether you like it or not!  LW has been talking about the pageant for weeks. He walks around the house belting out Christmas carols as if the people two counties over need to hear him. He was ready!

We know, from prior performances, that LW is not the star of the show. He is actually quite shy – I know it’s hard to believe – and usually mumbles his way through the songs, but he always sings. So imagine our surprise when his teacher said to us, “If he cries, do you want me to rescue him?” Um, what? Apparently, he has cried at all but the last two practices and she has taken him off stage to calm down.



WTFBBQ? Are you serious? He has never mentioned this to us! Of course I said “Yes! Rescue him if he needs it!” Then I spent the next 20 minutes working myself into a panic about my little pumpkin noodle crying onstage. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEKKKK! 

All for naught. The minute they stepped on stage, kazoos firmly planted between lips, he was fine.  He sang, he yawned, he even clapped along (sort of.) At the end of the program, we all went down to the basement of the church for cookies and coffee.  This is our little trooper post performance.


See that string around his neck? That’s his kazoo. All the kids got to take them home last night. Two weeks of no school and nothing to do but play the kazoo. I think I want my present back.

Here’s a little taste of what we heard…. Gloria (stealthily recorded while he was in the bathroom singing his little heart out!)

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Constant kindness can accomplish much. As the sun makes ice melt,

kindness causes misunderstanding, mistrust, and hostility to evaporate.

-Albert Schweitzer

It’s once again Simply Kind Tuesday my friends, and I am sitting here trying to think of something kind I have seen somebody do this week.  It’s been a long week, people are buckling down getting ready for Thanksgiving and have seemed uber-stressed.  I tried to be extra patient at checkout counters this week since everybody else seemed hell bent on being as nasty as possible to the cashiers I dealt with.  That’s about as kind as I got.

LW however, made me very happy. We stopped at the grocery store the other day and the Salvation Army was out with their little red buckets and bells.  I heard it before I saw it, so I stopped LW and scooped a handful of change out of my purse.  I handed it to him telling him he needed to put it in the bucket.  As we walked across the parking lot, DigitalRob explained to him that we donate money so that other people can afford to have a nice holiday because not everyone can afford to buy food for their holiday table.  

LW marched right up and put all of his change in the bucket with a big smile on his face and off we went to do our shopping.  Today, he was happily munching oatmeal and watching SpongeBob when he stopped, looked up at me and declared that we needed to donate more money to the red bucket so that everyone can have oatmeal as delicious as his.

LW is an only child and often has trouble with the concept of sharing.  This year he has helped me make shoebox presents for Operation Christmas Child, he loves helping me decide where to donate our lunch money on Facebook’s Save the Planet site and this afternoon he was putting pennies in a pile to take to the store “next time.”  I am constantly amazed and increasingly proud of what a great kid he is.  He is kind, thoughtful and always usually sometimes generous. Hey, give the kid a break, he’s only 5! 

It’s Thanksgiving, try to take a moment to slow down, look around you, be grateful for everything you have, and if you find yourself with a little extra try to find someone who needs it more than you do.


Happy Holidays!

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