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I’m almost wordless today.  I am so tired that this is how I feel…..



Plus, I think the little guy is super cute! Happy Wednesday to everyone and I hope you have a safe and Happy New Year’s Eve!


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I have been fighting a nasty bout of insomnia this week and it is making me very tired, depressed and weepy. I have been averaging three hours of sleep a night and those hours are not consecutive.  I do not want to write about weepy crapola today. So instead of boo-hooey fukety fuckness, you are going to get a peek into the madness of my mind.  When I can’t sleep, a lot of weird stuff clogging up my synapses, here are thirteen of the most recent….

  1. Where the hell is that last minikit on episode 2, chapter 6 of Wii Lego Star Wars?
  2. How much weight do I need to lose before my Mii stops looking like a square?
  3. Do I want toffee nut or irish creme creamer in my coffee tomorrow?
  4. Why do all men want to “bang Britney Spears until her teeth fall out?” – That is a direct quote from a friend, seriously dudes….why?
  5. I wonder if Topsurf is launching any sneak attacks on me while I lay here.
  6. Where is LW’s school hoodie? – We found it hidden under stuffed animals on his top bunk.
  7. Why are cupcakes so much more delicious than slices of cake?
  8. How thin is too thin?
  9. Should I start a new blog for my writing projects?
  10. Maybe I should get up and hit the computer again for a bit.
  11. What would happen if I just didn’t go to work tomorrow?
  12. Why is cookie dough so much yummier than baked cookies?
  13. Where would I end up if I got in the car and just drove…..

I need to get some sleep soon people….things are getting ugly around Chez Digital!  Happy TT to you all……..

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Tuesday again.  I am battling a nasty case of insomnia kiddos.  I should have written this post last night between 12:00 and 2:45 while lying wide awake, but I didn’t.  The holidays are looming even closer, people are even more stressed out and people are acting like even bigger jerks than they were last week.  So this week, if you seem someone who needs it, try a little kindness.

Yesterday, I was on the phone with a client who kept asking me the same question over and over and over as if by changing the phrasing, my answer wouldsomhow change from NO to well of course, absolutely.  After five minutes of the run around, instead of snapping, I took a very deep breath and told her the answer would be no, and I was sorry but there was just nothing I could do that would make it change.  I spoke firmly, yet kindly, when what I reall wanted to do was this:


That’s as kind as I can be on zero sleep, but I’m working on it!


Happy Tuesday! I hope you all have a wonderful day….

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